• Giouvarlakia – Meatball Soup, a hearty and delicious traditional Greek recipe perfect for a cold winter’s day!  Youvarlakia or giouvarlakia is a famous Greek meatball soup, which is full of Mediterranean flavors, juicy meatballs and finished off with a delicious egg lemon sauce (avgolemono).

  • Kreatosoupa – Beef Meat Soup

  • Magiritsa is a Greek soup made from lamb offal, associated with the Easter tradition of the Greek Orthodox Church. Accordingly, Greek-Australian and Greek-Americans sometimes call it “Easter soup”, “Easter Sunday soup”, or “Easter lamb soup”

  • Patsas – Tripe soup is a common dish in Greek cuisine and it is widely considered to be a hangover remedy. The Greek version, called patsás (πατσάς), may be seasoned with red wine vinegar and garlic (skordostoubi), or thickened with avgolemono. Our version sometimes uses calf feet with the tripe.

  • Psarosoupa – Fish Soup


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